Welcome to the NOVELTY INDUSTRIAL MFG.CO. website, we are an experienced manufacturers and exporters of feather products for more than 20 years. Our products include Feather Indian Headdress, Feather Indian Hatchets, Feather Masks, Feather Boas, Feather Marabou, Ostrich Feathers, Feather Flowers, Feather Angel Wings, Feather Halo, Feather Wigs, Feather Butterfly, Feather Birds and others accessories suitable for Carnival, Party, Halloween, Wedding, Easter and Christmas Seasons.

As to enhance the quality and meet with market requirements, some of the items are meet with European Safety of Toys standard ' EN71 ' Part I - Mechanical Hazards, Part II - Flammability and Part III - Heavy Metals Content.

Now, we are exporting to USA, CANADA, EUROPEAN COUNTRY, SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRY, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN AND UNITED KINGDOM. Welcome to develop New items at buyer's option. Catalogue and Quotation will follow upon requested. Please send us an email or or favour us a call (852) 2855 7327 for further details.

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